About JobPoint Services
Hi!  My name is Vonda Brown-Martin and I have 25 years of professional experience in HR services and employment consulting.

I believe that a job is not just work.  We spend so much time there, make friends there, become successful there, thrive there and make our lives there.  That is why it is so important to pick the right career for you...not just any job.

JOB SEEKERS -- I can help you fromthe beginning--from assessments, to job skills tests, to resume building, interview skills and job placement, all the way to coaching while you are working.

I can help you :
  • assess your skills
  • pick a career path through assessments
  • find your strenghs
  • build an awesome, memorable resume
  • practice interview skills
  • place you in a job
EMPLOYERS in the Laurel, Clay, Pulaski, Knox, Whitley and Jackson county area:

I have fantastic, eager and skilled candidates just waiting to be matched up with your company!  Please contact me before you place expensive ads on Indeed, Monster or CareerPath.  I can save  you and your company financially, and I can also help coach any new employee at NO cost to you.

Please contact me any time.  I want to make your business even better, by helping qualified, skills and motivated candidates find you.