Creative, Striking Resumes
Interview Skills and Coaching
I take your experience, your education and skills and make them POP.  We can design the perfect resume or CV that WILL get you noticed.
Most of us hate them.  But we all have to do them.  Why not put your best foot forward and make a great first impression?  Coaching and practice makes perfect.
Workplace Assertiveness Training
Job Search Assistance
For women especially, assertiveness and assertive communication at the workplace, and in life are sometimes difficult. We tend to be "pleasers," I know.  We all need to stand up for ourselves, our needs and have good, assertive communication skills.  I offer both workshops and one-on
Just searching the job sites is NOT the best way to find your dream job.  Work with me and we will preview businesses, practices and other employers to see what kind of jobs they hire for.  Get  your foot in the door before anyone applies online.
Career Assessments and Job Skills Training
Employment Consulting
What would you really like to do in your life?  Do you have the right education, skills and interests for that special job?  We will work together to complete and discuss your Pre-Employment Skills testing, career-interest assessments, and educational background to get you into that perfect job.
Employers, please contact me with needs.  I know you spend thousands and thousands of dollars posting on, Monster and the rest.  You don't have to do that.  I already have skilled and educated clients, just waiting to work for  you.

Life and Wellness Coaching